Patio Furniture Sets

It is typical for modern homes to have a patio, sun room, porch, or deck. When you have a living area in the outdoors, you will have to furnish it with the right patio furniture sets. These sets are usually available in varying price ranges and types. It is helpful to look into different types of patio furniture so you can make the right choice.

Most people love a good deal. If you prefer the least expensive option, you should purchase plastic outdoor furniture. You can also find hard plastic resin which is available in chaise lounges and captain-style chairs. Plastic furniture is weatherproof, lightweight and stackable. Unfortunately, because the furniture sets are light, they can tip easily when there is strong winds or when attaching umbrellas to the tables.  Plastic furniture does come in several design styles, thereby allowing for a greater number of choices when shopping.  Make sure that you clean the furniture regularly to keep it looking new.

Aluminum material is another great choice but is more costly than plastic. If you want to give the patio an elegant touch, you should consider getting cast aluminum. This material offers different design options that will match your taste. There are also cheaper aluminum patio furniture sets but construction may differ. Take a look around; make comparisons before making the final decision.

Aluminum falls under the metal category, together with wrought iron and stainless steel. Though aluminum does not rust, it is lightweight but some consider it less aesthetically appealing. If you want a sturdier material, you can go for Stainless Steel. Despite the stainless endorsement, over time, this material can rust, so it entails regular maintenance. A luxurious option would be the wrought iron as it requires less maintenance and is highly durable. Wrought iron, however, is generally more expensive.  If you live in an area where there usually strong winds, this is a great choice.

Wood is one of the most popular choices when it comes to patio furniture sets. The most common ones are white cedar, teak, redwood, pine, kwila, and jarrah. The first two woods listed are the most durable and can withstand different seasons. Teak and white cedar is well-known to resist decay or rot. However, other wood materials require regular maintenance to ensure longevity. Though wood patio furniture is expensive, many people love this option because of beauty and elegance.

Wicker patio furniture is the last type you can find in the market. If you live in the tropics, this type of furniture is very popular. A sealant is used to treat wicker furniture so it can withstand the outdoor elements. There are cheaper and high-end wicker furniture sets. The material used for the wicker furniture may also differ. You can find one made from rattan, bamboo, cane, reed, or paper fiber rush. The most durable is rattan, but is also pricier than other wicker materials.

To sum it up, the different types of patio furniture sets are plastic, metal (e.g. aluminum), wood, and wicker. Now that you know the good and not-so-good points of each type, you can choose the ideal furniture set! Here at we list the products by category and then sub-categories according to their material.  Feel free to browse and choose a set that’s right for you!